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Business Partners & HIGH BENEFIT Partner Program

TriMetriks has a solid core of high caliber partners who are part of the HIGH BENEFIT program. The success of our partners has helped us position ourselves for growth in a ever-expanding market. The following is a growing list of partners:

- NimSoft Software, The Netherlands / England (Provider of Agent / Probe Software)

- AdverSitement, Istanbul (Turkey), CapEm reseller
- AixPertSoft (Aachen Germany), Discovery & CMDB Software
- Serena Service Management Software (Antwerp, Belgium)

- Signiom, system maintenance, consultancy, implementation, remote monitoring (Terheijden, Netherlands)

- BICCT, Microsoft SCOM implementation, system maintenance (Apeldoorn, Netherlands)

What should you expect from a partnership with TriMetriks?

Added Business Value!

We believe that the most important characteristic of any partnership is its availability to create mutual value. Just like a compelling datacenter, a succesful partnership helps you create more opportunities so you can achieve even more. Our new partner program;

TriMetriks - HIGH BENEFIT, is intended to help you do just that.

Join the TriMetriks - HIGH BENEFIT partner program today to begin a long-term, win-win partnership that will enable you to:

- Increase profitability
- Build on your self sufficiency
- Get access to a lead-generation machine
- Increase the ease of doing business
- Align your business with growing company with a solid reputation
- Extend you portfolio that adds value to your business relationships

In addition, thanks to TriMetriks - HIGH BENEFIT partner program provides you with with a collaborative partner community that rewards partner success and loyalty.
By joining the program, you can count on our team to help drive and grow your business.

In addition to other partners TriMetriks support:

- Implementation
- Service & Support
- Business Development

- More to come soon: your name here?

If you are interested to become TriMetriks partner and want to join the HIGH BENEFIT partner program, or just looking for some information, please send a mail to: TriMetriks