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» Where does CapEm differ from other (datacenter) infrastructure capacity management software?

CapEm‘s strategy is to keep the generic MACRO view on the datacenters, not to manage small single entities. TriMetriks has implemented in CapEm a combination of a number of unique features fulfilling both business and IT needs. Providing i.e. the right tool for several different roles in your organisation like Service Level, business and operational management.

Unlike other applications CapEm predicts future usage over the complete datacenter over all resources, whether is back-up storage, Database Clusters, Virtual Environments, Servers, databases (tablespaces & data files) and produces a Capacity Report over a desired period.

Futhermore, CapEm supports the MVO (durable entrepeneurship) concrete and is able to represent / display business service / server operating cost versus the ICT infrastructure.

Features as a cloud pre-migration tool are standard built in, as also analysis methods and a reporting engine to report on server as well as on(Oracle - also for ASM partitions) and MS-SQL database environments.

» How does CapEm work together with our existing datacenter management Solutions?

CapEm can be interfaced with any number of external systems. Due to its web-based character and set-up external connections can easily be realized.

A typical interface is defined using an XML / XSD definition defining the desired format for data aquisition.

CapEm current supported Interfaces;

- SCOM (Microsoft System Center Operations Manager)
- OEM, Oracle Enterprise Manager
- Zabbix will be released shortly

» How does an implementation of CapEm Look Like?

A typical implementation of CapEm can be executed by TriMetriks and/or with the help of its partners. TriMetriks will lead the implementation when a different departments/customers are involved. Complex project management skills are required.

Possible scenario's are;
- Small start : select a small area (representative) of the ICT landscape after a quick "pain/gain" analyses and making a sizing of the ICT infrastructure (number of servers and databases). Implement this first, then roll out to other areas (or VLANS)
- a Bing Bang approach typically implements the agents at at much larger scale, using NimSoft deployment Technology

Note that Agent/probe image configurations can be included in the client's deployment image and simplifies distribution over a large infrastructure

» Can I have a Demonstration?

Yes, TriMetriks can organize a live demo at your location if desired. Send an e-mail:TriMetriks
or call us: +31 628 711 257.

» How much does CapEm costs?

Costs depend on the size of your infrastructure. Costs are extremely low in comparison to other similar products and added value of the solution.

CapEm can be acquired as a very low cost SAAS solution (Software as a Service). A typical client does not buy the licensed product, but TriMetriks will offer a consultancy service based on data that has been acquired from the client‘s ICT infrastructure, advising the Client what to do on a regularly basis.

The licensed Pricing model is divided into 2 separate parts:

1. CapEm Capacity management, Alerting and Reporting solution software, is counted on basis of the number of servers and databases in your infrastructure, it doesn't mind how much, on what frequency or what system parameters (like CPU, Memory, Storage you want to measure)

2. Agents (can be a very large variety of e.g. Sun Solaris, Unix, Linux, Windows, Oracle EL, other SQL database, etc.)

» What is a typicall business case when considering CapEm?

TriMetriks best practice taught us that in most cases using a capacity management system predictor saves your approximately 30% of your operational costs. We can make a calculation on your specific case!

» Who - which department - benefits most of using CapEm?

Typically both IT operations and business will benefit from CapEm. Information flows, SLR report and business reports produced by CapEm can be used to compare actual IT Service Performance with previous met Service Level Agreements. Capacity & Performance, but also Configuration Management will benefit from the automated generated information flow about their customers environment.

» CapEm is an IT Solution. What arguments are typically used to the business owner for buying CapEm?

Although business owners are normally not really interested in buying IT; many think of it as just costs. When the possible savings presented, visions are set and the improvement of business/IT alignment that causes significant business flexibility is explained, business owners are willing to listen to the right arguments for buying CapEm.

» How much does support costs?

Support costs 20% of the gross license price.

» Do I need a support contract?

No. TriMetriks does not force you to get a support contract.
However, not having a support contract excludes you from the excellent service of TriMetriks and the possibility to keep up with new developments for the future.

» My License has expired and want to get a new license code

Call TriMetriks or send an e-mail to:TriMetriks
Licences can be provided within 1 business day

» I Don't have enough (Resource) Capacity to implement CapEm, what are my options?

TriMetriks together with its partners can help to implement the solution within your ICT landscape. This is yet one of the powerful assets that TriMetriks has to help its customers: balanced combination of services skills on the software solution.

» How is the support escalation path organised?

This depends on the customer relation with TriMetriks and partner. First line is normally done by internal organization or involved partner. There are some other partners involve when the partner is not certified. Second line is provided by TriMetriks or other (higher) certified partners in the TriMetriks HIGH BENEFIT partner program.

» How Can I Download Patches And Fixes?

Login onto the site, select current software packages running on your site. Select desired update package(s)

You can Download documents, manuals, software drivers, agents etc. via the TriMetriks website

TriMetriks Download & Support

» How many patches and upgrades are to be released / planned?

This depends on the software your have purchased from TriMetriks.

Since products lines expand to the flagship product CapEm (the data analysis and capacity management solution) and the Data provisioning (Agent / Data Collection) updates will differ;

Currently release 1.0 is released for CapEm.

Supported versions for the Agents are;

- Oracle Enterprise Linux V9+
- Sun Solaris V9+
- Windows 2003
- Windows 2008
- SQL 2005
- SQL 2008

TriMetiks plans to launch 1 major update a year, plus some intermediate small patch releases

» How does CapEm interface with my Infrastructure?

CapEm has the ability to convert, aggregate and upload data gathered in any format sampled on a given freqency to CapEm's strict Data Format layer. This layer can be configured for any implementation.

Since CapEm is tightly integrated with NimSoft it can use this solution to acquire the data from the client ICT Infrastructure.

CapEm‘s generic interface is capable of reading CSV files. The CSV files are defined using an XML definition file.

CapEm also support a native interface to Microsoft SCOM (System Center Operations Manager)

» Not found the answer that you where looking for?

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