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KPN implemented CapEm as a trial to analyze the added-value of the tool.

The trial toke place over a period of 6 months in KPN's own

The results where way ABOVE expectations.

A first business calculation based on the results reflected a possible
capacity efficiency boost with a cost-reduction of minimal 1,5 million
KPN is currently implementing the standard RIM-tooling (Computer Associates)

Above mentioned RIM-tooling doesn't have the CapEm functionality to
establish the results mentioned above.

CapEm will/can be an addition to cover the functionality gap regarding:

• capacity efficiency (best-use of the available capacity in database and virtual environments)

• performance/capacity online control (with pro-active signaling) to establish the best availability

• high-level balance score view

• Green-IT (durable entrepreneurship or in Dutch : MVO) reporting (Carbon Footprint (CO2) / energy costs per business service)

(KPN 2012, Peter Op den Kamp, Business Director UTI KPN)

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